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Very satisfied on the services that have been provided to me and my business. I received services on my network, computer setup, security, and a virus removal on an old computer that I wanted as a backup computer. Darryl took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I could completely understand and relate to him. I will never hesitate to use their services again. I am a very happy client :)

Jeffery Johnson, Orange Park, FL

Thanks so much for awesom service. I contacted several local computer repair places that tried to charge me outrageous prices for apparently what was a simple fix. Darryl had my laptop for 2 days as promised for a repair and when I got it back, it was as good as new.

Thanks for the great service! I would highly recommend these guys

Terry Milton, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for the advice over the phone that was so simple, I was embarrassed for calling. I bet most companies would have used my forgetfulness to their advantage! You Rock!!

Gloria Branda, Jacksonville, FL

Darryl performed something that was nothing short of a miracle. He brought back a HP DV2200. It had a non working NVidia Graphics/Video Chip that stopped working. After 4 other technicians said it was impossible to fix, and said to just trash this laptop, Darryl went in, and brought life back to the chip and to this laptop. Now it runs like nothing ever was wrong with it. I would highly recommend Darryl.

M.G. Montague, Jacksonville, FL.

I had a busted up screen on my laptop and I got Darryl with Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair to come out and replace it for me. Price was very fare for the labor and he got it done in about 20 minutes. I appreciate your service and your promptness. I highly recommend him and encourage anyone who uses him to support him by writing a testimony as he is a great help and a blessing to us for all of his services.

Brian Young St Augustine, FL.

Fast and very friendly service. Darryl came out and reset the password on my laptop that I haven;t used in about a year due to me needing a new battery. He made it look like childs play and got it done in about 5 minutes from arrival. I appreciate the service and will highly recommend him to everyone needing a certified professional.

Chris B., Jacksonville, FL.

I had a custom setup that I wanted for my media center computer room and I have called around for the set up. I was given by far the best price by Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair. I was even told by some companies that what I wanted couldn't be done. Darryl came by and was very friendly to me and my staff. I told him what I needed and wanted and he looked at the equipment and got to work. I had a total of 7 40 inch lcd monitors, a backup storage computer, and a main computer. He got it all set up in about 6 hours in my warehouse. I am totally pleased with the work and will use this service again and again.

Johnny B Fernandina Beach, FL

Darryl came to my house, fixed my daughter's laptop and added necessary software for her and myself and the price was great. He is fantastic.....highly reccommend him to friends.

Anne T. , Jacksonville, Fl

I was on vacation in Orlando for July 4th. I was walking down and in the lobby I seen this guy working on a computer at the hotel for staff. I told him I dropped my laptop and it no longer charges and asked him if it could be fixed because 4 shops told me I needed a new motherboard. He told me he could fix it but didn't have all of his materials because he was on vacation. Once he was done we got together and went up to radio shack and bought the materials needed. He opened up my laptop and resoldered my dc jack onto the board and put my computer back together. I felt it was pretty good for $120 versus everyone telling me $300-$400. I plugged my computer up and seen a sign of life on it and I couldn't believe my eyes because it worked. I recommend this guy to any and everyone as there is no competition that can beat his prices and his services. Thanks for all that you have done for me Mr Polite.

George McCollins Ormond Beach, FL

Just browing the internet and I seen this website. I needed some technical support on removing a virus that was pretty bad. I was able to get it done and cleaned up remotely with a tune up on top of that. It only costed me $65 and my computer was like new again. I will highly recommend this service to everyone and they even offer to come out to you. Thanks you guys!

Latoya Marksman St Augustine, FL

I have to say I was highly impressed. This company is by far more than I expected. I just recently had a video outage of my HP laptop computer. I was told I need to replace my motherboard and lcd screen from 3 shops. I called and spoke with Darryl and told him the problem that I was experiencing. He advised me that I had a recalled computer from HP and to check my warranty well with my luck unfortunately my warranty was up. I called back and asked Darryl is it worth it and he told me he could repair my motherboard. I was amazed and we set up an appointment. He came to my home and took apart my laptop with everything out and I seen him resolder and torch somethings and he put new stuff on the board. He put it back together and to my surprise my computer was showing a picture again and it was crystal clear. I thank you so much Darryl. I just had to leave a testimony as you have been a blessing to me at an affordable cost.

J Deans Orange Park, FL

My computer was super slugish. I have tried all of the things and services you can use online like and all of the others. Nothing seemed to work so I decided to call a professional. I spoke with Darryl he asked me a series of questions about my computer and he was able to come to me the next day. He cleaned up my computer and gave it a nice tune up in about an hour. I noticed a hugh difference and then he adviced me of needing to do a memory upgrade for more stability. He had some handy for me just in case and he upgraded my computer from 512mb to 1gb or ram. My computer is blazing fast from the tuneup and memory. Thanks Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair.

Javon J Jacksonville, FL

I was having a major problem with my computer as it kept resetting on itself on its own. I took my computer to CompUSA and they told me I needed a new motherboard. I called Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair and I was told it could possibly a virus, the motherboard, or battery. I set up an appointment for it to be diagnosed and Darryl took about 10 minutes testing it and determined it was my fan inside of my laptop. He ordered the part and I just got my computer back today with a new fan and he cleaned all of the dust in it that was blocking the heat from blowing out. My computer has been on for a full 4 days without being shutdown. I thank you so much and I will recommend you to all that I know. Thanks!

Curtis M Jacksonville, FL

This was 1 of the best decisions I have ever made on computer repair and service. I accidentally dropped my laptop and busted the screen. I called Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair and talked with a guy named Darryl who was very courteous and gave me some prices that I couldn't believe. CompUSA told me $359 total for the screen and labor. I got it done with Darryl for $150 total and it is a new screen. I will highly recommend this service to anyone looking for service that doesn't put a hole in your wallet or purse. Thanks Courtesy Mobile!

Gerald T Atlantic Beach, FL

This guy is the real deal. I took my computer to Best Buy and CompUSA and they all told me I need to get a new motherboard on my HP laptop. Darryl came to my house and diagnosed my problem with the computer and it was a defect in the motherboard. I was amazed on seeing him literally open up my computer with all of these screws and parts on my table. He cleaned the parts with alcohol and showed me where the problem was at on the board. He had a little mini torch and torched it to resolder the part and used some adhesive stuff and put a penny on my computer's motherboard. He said that should do it and I told him I don't see it being possible. He put the computer together and to my disbelief my computer powered right up and it took him about 2 hours. Thanks Darryl as you have saved me about $250-$300.

Larry Orange Park, FL

I am running a small business and I was skeptical dealing with anyone in particular. When I talked to this gentleman on the phone he sounded very professional and was very courteous. I had him set up 12 computers and put security on all of them and on top of that he setup my network on my server for each computer to back up for no loss of data. I had my personal laptop there and wanted him to take a look at it and he installed security on it and discovered it had viruses and he gave it a thorough clean up and tuned it up and now that computer is blazing fast. I really appreciate it Darryl and want to thank you for your honest services and I will keep in touch.

Adam Atlantic Beach, FL

I had 59 worm viruses in my computer.And Darryl came out and had me fixed in no time.He was professional,polite, and did a great job. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone wanting honest, and affordable work done. Thanx Darryl

Robert, Orange Park,fl 

“The level of service at Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of Darryl. Thank you!”

Nicole Smith Jacksonville, FL

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work Darryl!”

Marti Williams Jacksonville, FL

The service I receive was absolutely tremendous! Darryl is very courteous and is a great and professional computer tech who went all out of his way to make sure everything was right on my computer. I highly reccomend him and will continue to send business his way as he has the best prices in town. May god continue to bless you Darryl.

V. Parker Jacksonville, FL

Darryl serviced my computer a couple of weeks ago and upgraded my computer to the new Windows 7. This guy took the time to make sure my network was secured and made sure I had optimal performance on my computer. Forget taking your computer to CompUSA and Best Buy and leaving your computer with them. Darryl got me squared away in 1 day within 2 hours. Thanks Mr Polite!

George Green St Augustine, FL

I had a bad virus om my computer and Darryl took the time to diagnose the kind of virus and what caused it. I had a lot of important documents and pictures on there that I was scared of loosing. Mr Polite took the time to save all my data and then he restored my computer back to new again with added security. My computer was blazing fast also. I really appreciate the good work Darryl and will do business again.

Lakeysha White Jacksonville, FL

Darryl is a fine young man who took the time to come all the way out here to me in Middleburg, FL. He detected that I had a bad processor in my computer and came out the next day replacing the part and he cleaned up my computer. I am a retired sheriff and I know a good man when I meet him. Darryl thank you so much.

Mr Mathis Middleburg, FL

My computer was serviced by Darryl and a week later it crashed. Darryl made it a priority to make sure he gets me up and running and immediately came out to me. He detected that I had bad memory and replaced it for me and my computer was like new all over again. Darryl you are great and I really appreciate your courtesy on going all out for me even after you serviced me I can always call you with any questions. Thank you so much.

J J Green Jacksonville, FL

I called geek squad to let them know my computer crashed and they seemed to not be able to be upfront to tell me what the problem could have been. Darryl took the time to come out to my house during his busy day for an emergency to service my computer and corrected my issue within 10 minutes. Thank you so much Darryl and I will be doing business again.

Troy Blue Jacksonville, FL

This is 1 of the best computer repair service I have ever experienced. At 1 point I used to drop off my computer with CompUSA and get it back 1-2 weeks later. I found Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair online and got service the very next day of calling and my computer was like new again within an hour.

Regina Thompson Orange Park, FL

I scheduled an appointment with Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair and I received prompt service the very same day for data recovery and a password reset. I was going to pay geek squad to do it until I heard their outrageous price of $130 in the store and $200 for them to come out to me. I decided to call around and They were totally beat in the price by half of what it was going to cost me from Darryl at Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair. Thank you so much and I look forward on doing business again in the future as you are my computer guy and company.

Elton Stewart Jacksonville, FL

I decided to go with a custom computer and I ordered all of the parts online. I tried to put it together myself but ran into complications. I called around and everyone was charging outrageous prices for it to be done in the store averaging from $180-$220 not even including my operating system installed with my programs. I called Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair and my computer was built and set up within 2 hours with Windows 7 Professional installed and all of the programs that I needed. This is the best service I have ever recieved from any service that has come to me. I highly recommend it and will use it again.

Gary Ullis Fernandina Beach, FL

I am a handicap women who is very limited on travel. I was calling around for a price quote on problems that I was experiencing on my computer. No one could give me a good price or even guarantee me that they could fix it. When I spoke with Darryl I felt very confident on knowing he could help me. He explained to me why I was experiencing the problem and what needed to be done to correct the problem. He purchased the parts and came out to me. He explained to me what they where and what they were for as I am not very computer savy. He put the parts in and tuned up my computer and it was as good as new. I don't know what I would have done without his help and he was very generous and very polite.

Joyce Morgan Yulee, FL

My wife tried to surprise me with a laptop computer that I have been needing for work and it was a used computer that she got for a really good price. Unfortunately she dropped the computer the day she was going to give it too me and it completely cracked the screen. I was referred to this service by a friend who loved the service he receieved. I decided to see what could be done. I called and spoke with Darryl and he got all of the information about the computer and told me he could get me a screen for $80 and install it for $80 with a warranty on the labor and all. We scheduled an appointment and he fixed my computer as if it was brand new within 30 minutes. I was amazed just from seeing him take the computer apart and putting it back together. Thanks Darryl and I will need you again soon for my upgrades.

Todd Wesley Jacksonville, FL

I have an HP computer that I was going to get rid of because of the speed. I decided to call around on it and see what could be done. I happened to get ahold of Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair and it was explained to me what could be done. I decided to upgrade my computer with what was recommended by Darryl. He upgraded my memory from 512mb to 4gb of memory and gave my computer a complete new look with Windows 7 Ultimate. My computer is blazing fast now and works as if it was a brand new computer from the store. Thanks Darryl!

Alisha O'Neal Jacksonville, FL

I decided since my kids are in school and do a lot of things on their computers that I needed to get them each their own computers. I don't know much about computers so I called around and got Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair's number from a friend at work. She told me the service is very good and very professional. I spoke with Darryl and told him what I was trying to do. He set up my computers, set up a wireless network, and he networked the laptops to share the printer with the main desktop computer. Thank you so much and I will need you again in the future.

Judy Carrol Brunswick, GA

I just received remote services from this company and it was amazing how they throughly checked everything and got rid of 3 viruses I had on my computer along with 148 milacious infections. Everything was cleaned up, I was provided with full security programs and had a complete tune up done on my computer over the internet without me having to leave my home or have anyone come to me. I was able to watch everything done and was able to ask any questions in the process without being on the phone all through the internet. This is an amazing service and I highly recommend it to anyone needing technical support or honest service at an affordable price. Thanks Courtesy Mobile Computer Repair and I look forward to doing business again as I have my office I will need more work done.

J Franklin Callahan, FL

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